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the wheels on the bus…

I am standing on the edge of a highway. The cars whip by. The trucks lumber by. One particular day but for no particular reason, I jump out in traffic and try and stop the cars and trucks. The reactions … Continue reading

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who are you?–gonna need a retina scan

I am, how are you? I am known by a list of labels: Father, Doctor, Ex-husband (which has many more labels associated, unfortunately), Son, Brother, Follower of Christ, etc. I understand the need to put a fix on who I … Continue reading

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The newborn in the NICU will shudder with loud voices, but doesn’t flinch with the alarms going off in the crib next to them. The infant will focus in on the crumb lost in the shag carpet, but blocks out … Continue reading

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to the pain…

  The fighters had met before. The are often at odds. They know they need each other, but just cant seem to agree on much. One fighter is clad in all gray. He is older and has wrinkles that seem … Continue reading

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red badge of courage

I went biking yesterday. It was not a stroll, nor lolligagging. I had some frustrations going on and needed to take it out on my legs and lungs. I am pretty effective at doing that. It was 93 degrees, and … Continue reading

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