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church is not a building

It was Sunday. I really needed to see God through other people today. I needed to connect. I needed to feel the light shining through. I needed to feel the warmth of fellow Christ followers, of fellow strugglers. I woke … Continue reading

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red badge of courage

I went biking yesterday. It was not a stroll, nor lolligagging. I had some frustrations going on and needed to take it out on my legs and lungs. I am pretty effective at doing that. It was 93 degrees, and … Continue reading

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Job was a Mtn biker

Recently, I moved into a new place. Metaphorically, spiritually, and physically. I arranged to go mountain biking with a friend and he was going to pick me up. I am a pretty organized person and there was a time that … Continue reading

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biking and God

I went to church today. Yes, I know it is Thursday. I have been to this church before. I have been touched beyond measure there, and I have been bored beyond belief. I haven’t been real regular as of late, … Continue reading

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