got a light

Had a dream last night and I have been feeling it hump my brain all day. I wonder if we are born as a little teacup candle. We have a little light, given by God, as a pilot light for our soul. It rests on the little saucer, the human form we are given to use and utilize. The light gets encouraged and discouraged throughout our lives. We have the winds of stinking foul breath telling us we are not worthy. We have the driving rains of discontent. We have soft fresh breezes of God’s whisper. We have the spring sprinkle of Grace. They all have the chance to fortify or destroy, depending on our reaction to them.

My dream saw the teacup and an intense desire to become a firelight. It feared the wind and rain and began to build walls around itself. The saucer became a dish. As the fear grew, metal planks were laid across the top. They were hinged to the edge on one end and stretched past the middle of the cup. Side by side they were placed, around the circumference. The loose ends stacked upon each other creating a ragged mountain in the middle.

I dreamt there was a sea of these cups, each protecting itself from the others. I saw the occasional flicker of light before a child had finished the isolation project. I heard the winds, felt the rains. I watched as cup after cup was sealed shut. I then noticed a small unassuming man in the far corner of the room. He wore overalls and had a ring of keys. A ring is an understatement, it was a hula hoop. We wore it around his neck, tucked under one arm. The hoop was filled with keys of all sorts and sizes. He would mount one cup and deftly set to work at the hinges. He would rummage through the keys, insert and turn. The metal bar would lift off the stack and fling open. The man would grin, shuffle to the right, and repeat the procedure. Bar after bar would open, cup after cup would be completed.

I ambled over and peered inside an open cup. There was no longer a candle present. Instead it was a galaxy of stars. It was infinity and beyond. I felt as though it would never end, and I would never end. I felt myself pulled into the eternity. As I stared at the Holy Fire I was seeing, the universe sized soul, I began to make out something in the distance. I saw a little girl, holding a candle. She stared at the stars around her and grinned.

We are that teacup light. As we grow as a child we respond to the, “No”. We shrivel from exploration and mirth. We grow up trying to please and set an identity that reflects are parents desires. The cup forms. For some it cradles, others it protects. And for some it limits. Into adolescence and then adult hood, we hear judgement and condemnation. We fear. We feel the emotions that we were protected against. We venture out into a world of closed off tins, hoping to share light with someone else. When we hurt, when we fear, we add protective bars across the top. We close ourself off.

Jesus is that man in the overalls. He delights in showing us the right key to begin the process of opening our life coffins. Freed from the hurt and pain, we fling off the rods. Each one opens. When we have been closed and opened again, our experience allows us to take part in eternity. We attract others. We glow with the Firelight we dreamed we could be. We shine like God dreamt we could be.


About iamnamed

I am a sojourner. I bumble and stumble on this journey. I have found it very cathartic to write down thoughts of my journey and I am thrilled your path has crossed mine, even if it is just briefly. I write for me, but enjoy company on this journey of Happy Destiny. Thanks for trudging on with me.
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