the truth is a lie

I have had several experiences lately where I have been told the truth. But the truth didn’t sound like the truth. It wasn’t the truth as I rememberred it. The truth was a lie. There is a kids movie where the line is “there is your story, my story and the truth.”

Big Boys dont cry. That one is a lie of dimensions. It negates the ability to feel and be whole. It says that hurting is bad.

We need to fight for peace. That is a lie of intention. It sounds great, but implies that the result justifies the means.

You are what you eat. A lie of minimalization. It denies the soul. It denies that we are so much more than the substances that make up the body.

Time heals all wounds: Time doesn’t do that. If it is a linear function, it just moves forward. If it is cosmically intertwinned, it moves randomly. Either way, Time doesnt heal. If the wounds are to be healed, it takes effort, skill, and maybe luck (if you believe in luck). That is for all wounds, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. It does take time to work through whatever wound. Sometimes, merely acceptance is required. Either way, the rent in the body, mind, or soul will always be there. complete healing will not take place. But you can live through whatever it is, if you take the next step.

It is better to have love and lost, than never to have loved at all: There is no way to know if this is true. No one could have done both. his is a trite saying for people in pain from an ended relationship. It is no more true than when Tom Cruise said in some 80’s movie, “Everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn’t end.”

There is a paraphrase of the children’s movie, “There is your truth, my truth, and the Truth.” (OK, you caught me, I just made it up.)

We have taken Jesus, God, Sunlight of Spirit (whatever you want to call the Creator), and corrupted the message, or Truth with a capital T. We added doctrine, religion, exclusive thought, hate, rules, regulations, judgement, etc and stole love from Love.  I am a fan of Church Universal–the idea that a community exists and is growing, committed to a journey towards God through Jesus. I am not a fan of church, for the most part. I have seen Church in church, but not often. We get caught up in doing before being. We forget that until we have accepted the Love, until we feel the hurt, tears, pain, love, joy, and release. Until we have let the Light in, we can’t let the light out.

A good Christian would/not buy this product. There is no such thing as an evil product. Inanimate objects have no soul and cannot be good or bad. They can be created for malicious intent. They can have been held and used by someone rejecting the Will of God.

Our religion or way is the only correct one. Really? How do you know that? It isn’t possible. Jesus is the Truth, the Way, the Light. If one believes that (or frankly any claim by any diety), then man-made religion is a community of support (at its’ best). It is not a stepping stone, or path to Jesus. It gets in the way of spiritual progress sometimes.

God won’t give you more than you can handle. Yep a lie of misdirection. The actual quote is, “God won’t give you more temptation than you can handle.” The intent to strengthen a friend through a hard time has become a lie.

You should be perfect. A lie of expectation. Paul wrote this in one of his letters. It is one of the ways that Paul contradicts the teachings of Jesus. We can’t be perfect in the utopian sense. We have no chance of ever being perfect or flawless. The scars of our hurts will always be there. The wound on our sides will always be present. However, it is possible that what Paul meant was that we should set our path in a perfect direction. Sort of like heading due North. In that our direction makes us perfect in intent and movement. It would mean we are listening and obeying God’s Will. That would be great, however I have yet to meet the person who realitically believes that have a continuous contact with God leading them on a perfect path. (OK, maybe I have, but I didn’t believe them.)

God hates… It doesn’t matter how you fill in the dots here, God is Love. Love cannot hate. After the Passion of Jesus, we have been freed from a God that punishes etc. The New Testament in a new contract between God and His people. God can feel the pain of a child misbehaving. He can grieve a soul turning away. He can hold us as we cry from our wounds. However, we are His beloved children. And so is the idiot who cut me off in traffic.

The Truth does not lie, is not a lie, will never lie. The truth is a poor reflection of the Truth. It might even mean to be the Truth, but since it has gone through an imperfect lens and struck a flawed mirror, it will fall short of the Truth. The truth should only be used to lead us closer to the Truth. The Truth loves you.


About iamnamed

I am a sojourner. I bumble and stumble on this journey. I have found it very cathartic to write down thoughts of my journey and I am thrilled your path has crossed mine, even if it is just briefly. I write for me, but enjoy company on this journey of Happy Destiny. Thanks for trudging on with me.
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2 Responses to the truth is a lie

  1. YES! Beautifully stated and filled with TRUTH. Thanks for your posts.

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