mind games

The difference between a drunk and an alcoholic is a drunk thinks the problem is in his heart, the alcoholic knows it is in his head.

I say this to mean that the drunk presumes that they can think themselves out of trouble. they think that new tricks, patterns, or lies will work ‘this time.’ Some (most) think that they just need to redouble the efforts or have more heart to kick this thing. It was just because the heart hurt, or was weak, or faltered that they drank again last time. The alcoholic (or recovered alcoholic) undersatnds that their ‘thinker is broken.’ There mental twist and obsessions have clouded the heart, the emotions, the life from them. That simple knowledge and surrender, that tiny movement is the huge leap of Faith that is in the first three steps.

The codependent knows that it takes both heart and head to live, but has chosen to shield the heart from more hurt.

Being both an alcoholic and a codependent creates a tornado in the already cluttered mind.

The Grace given by God is that simply knowing that creates that shift and cracks the protective shell that allows the electric connection between head and heart. That connection is the difference between existing and truly living life abundantly.


About iamnamed

I am a sojourner. I bumble and stumble on this journey. I have found it very cathartic to write down thoughts of my journey and I am thrilled your path has crossed mine, even if it is just briefly. I write for me, but enjoy company on this journey of Happy Destiny. Thanks for trudging on with me.
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