silly fly–I can relate

Do relationships ever really end? Or do they just change? There are theories and movies and books and bar room discussions discussing the interconnection of all living beings. Some theologians talk about God being everywhere. Some pantheists talk about God being everything. Regardles, the idea is that instead of billions of individuals, we all have some interconnection. This means that you are connected somehow with the starving child in some tiny town you have never heard of. This means that you and I are connected in some sort of relationship. We might be spiritually linked, mentally, chemically, cosmically, or even gravitationally. At this very moment we have a relationship of sorts. Suppose that after you read this, you wander into the streets and find yourself in Colorado. I also wander out and we bump into each other because we are in a mystical daze. We laugh and talk, and perhaps you buy me lunch. Our relationship will always be changed. It changed the minute you started reading this and kept changing until we part ways after talking in the Mexican Food restaurant for 4 hours. In actuality it continues to change, just not as rapidly.

If relationships never really end, they are either growing closer or further apart continually. They might oscillate in a kinetic frenzy. they may flow along like the lazy river at a water park. They would be in constant flux. The most dangerous thing to do in any relationship would be to try and halt the movement. It can’t be stopped, only redirected. The trite movie comment that ‘I wish it would never change and always be just like this’ only serves to make us believe relationships are a destination not a journey. The relationship moves ike a fly through the room. When you catch it, it buzzes rapidly in your hand. It continues to move, just in a smaller space. When you trap it between your fingers, the noise gets louder and the panic mounts for the fly. When little boys pull the wings off, it continues to move, just moves differently.

I have several key relationships in my life that are changing very rapidly. Some have had their wings pulled off, others set free from the buzzing prison I created. I get the feeling that there are those people around me that think that meanness, vindictiveness, and anger can end a relationship. I really dont think so. However, try telling a buzzing wingless fly it is just different.



About iamnamed

I am a sojourner. I bumble and stumble on this journey. I have found it very cathartic to write down thoughts of my journey and I am thrilled your path has crossed mine, even if it is just briefly. I write for me, but enjoy company on this journey of Happy Destiny. Thanks for trudging on with me.
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